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Identify and describe a potential ethical dilemma that a marketer might face when segmenting a market. How might this concern be appropriately addressed given the need to satisfy stakeholders whose requirements may often be in conflict? The person replied below, looking for thoughts, questions or concerns from their response. A min of 50 words no to exceed approx. 80 words.

Horse sporting events are inherently dangerous to both horse and rider. Over the years, there has been much attention paid to the safety of competitive equine sporting events, such as horse racing and particularly steeplechasing. As horses have been euthanized after suffering falls in these events, animal rights groups have long held that these events are dangerous and that some steeplechase courses, in particular, are too difficult for horse and rider.

Marketing each discipline may be a tacit approval that there is no need to change the way things are currently being run, which is contrary to the beliefs of animal rights groups.

As long as the audience for these disciplines does not voice objection and without the support of those competing in these disciplines, there does not seem to be any attempt on the part of promoters to implement better safety measures for each discipline.

As these events are not likely to be discontinued, I do not know how this concern can be addressed to the satisfaction of both animal rights groups, promoters, and equine and human competitors.

This class is on Marketing Principles. 

Reference no: EM13824779

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