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Marketing Plan

Sample Marketing Plan for Sonic, a fictional product. You will submit your Marketing Plan Term Project in two parts:

Part: Marketing strategy, budgets, and controls

You will be graded on the following criteria (refer to grading rubrics for more detailed information):

the degree to which you demonstrate your ability to conduct relevant external research

the degree to which you demonstrate application of the marketing principles covered throughout the course

the degree to which you exhibit critical-thinking skills

the degree to which you present a professional final product

Incorporate all comments provided by your faculty member in Part 1; continue with your marketing plan by completing the following sections:

Objectives and Issues

1. Statement of marketing objective(s) (for first year only)

2. Issues that may hinder marketing objectives

Marketing Strategy Recommendations

1. Positioning strategy

2. Product/Branding strategy

3. Pricing strategy

4. Distribution strategy

5. Marketing Communications objectives

6. Marketing Research

Action Programs

1. IMC

2. Message design, content, and structure

3. Media choices

4. Promotion mix tools


1. Objective/task method


Metrics needed to monitor marketing plan progress

Finished product: Put it all together by incorporating changes to Part 1 as suggested by your faculty member's feedback, and then add your title slide, an index slide, an executive summary slide, endnotes, and a bibliography.

Reference no: EM13728220

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