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Question 1:

1. What are the five different marketing management orientations.? Which orientation do you believe Apple follows when marketing products such as the iPhone and iPad?

2. Select a retailer and calculate how much you are worth to that retailer if you continue to shop there for the rest of your life (your customer lifetime value). What factors should you consider when deriving an estimate of your lifetime value to a retailer? How can a retailer increase your lifetime value?

3. Compare and contrast the positioning for two of the following brands: Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.

Question 2:

Cultural impacts:

Explain how cultural environment impacts the marketing of any one of the following products: clothing, software, music recording.

Need, want, demand:

What is the difference between a need, a want and a demand? Describe the need versus the want for the following products: Gatorade, Nike, iPod.

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Reference no: EM13690396

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