Marketing growth and strategic planning

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Please respond to the following: "Marketing Growth and Strategic Planning"

Justify the assembly of a balanced product portfolio by marketing managers as a means of ensuring extended success in the health care market industry. Provide two (2) real-life examples to support your rationale.

Assess the importance of portfolio planning in the health care industry, and determine at least one (1) approach to portfolio planning that can help marketing managers to ensure productive marketing operations. Provide at least two (2) specific examples of portfolio planning in a health care organization with which you are familiar.

Reference no: EM13289242

Develop an annotated bibliography for at least five sources

Develop a thesis and outline, and an Annotated bibliography for at least five sources to be used in your final paper in addition to the references identified in the assignme

Overview of the proposed strategy direction

MIS712 - eBusiness Strategies - You will take on the role of an eBusiness strategy consultant and prepare two reports for an organisation - identify strategic changes which w

Discuss the legitimacy of the quote

Discuss the legitimacy of the quote above. Do you agree with the quote? Why or why not? As part of your answer include a discussion of why and how you would increase Civic E

Consider the notion that an individual with a disability

Consider the notion that an individual with a disability may feel primarily defined by his or her ability status. Also, consider the historical treatment of people with disa

Implementation of a new HRIS system

You have been selected as the change agent for the upcoming implementation of a new HRIS system that will ultimately affect the way all employees complete their daily tasks. T

Experience of age-related impairments in vision

Using ordinary household items, you will simulate the experience of age-related impairments in vision, hearing, smell/taste, and mobility. Choose at least two of the impairm

Explain how the principles of conditioning are incorporated

aversion therapy utilizes conditioning as a treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. 1.) summarize the article, including the purpose of the study, outcome, and recommendations

How are art-religion-politics and culture change

How are art, religion, politics, and culture change all evident in Trobriand cricket? How has cricket helped the Trobrianders cope with colonialism? (use proper citations 300


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