Marketing ethics and global marketing

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At the end of Unit two, a 1600 word paper is due that summarizes your research with respect to one of the following topics: marketing ethics, global marketing, or ‘social media as a marketing tool’. Your research can consist of article reviews, internet research....


Please advice on topics and a possible outline

Reference no: EM131041734

Diamond framework for national competitiveness

Using Porter's diamond framework for national competitiveness, discuss the success of the software industry in India. How do the four factors in Porter's diamond explain the s

Data regarding cost-related variables of promotional insert

The data regarding cost and related variables of a promotional insert in major magazines is given in the Table below. Answer the questions that follow. Using the equation deve

Discussed throughout quantitative decision making

Reviewing the many decision making processes discussed throughout Quantitative Decision Making, identify the two that you found most beneficial to your professional developmen

Mastering strategic management

Mastering Strategic Management, four generic strategies are outlined! Research a company that exercises one of the four strategies. Explain how the organization operationalize

Estimate the minimum possible cycle time

Given the following line balance data: Task Predecessor Time (seconds) t ---- 15 u t 14 v t 7 w u 6 x v 8 y w, x 10 z y 21 draw the precedence diagram of the process. What is

What is the role of the security exchange commission

What factors have to be at work to allow something like the Bernie Madoff "Ponzi Scheme" to be as successful as it was for as long as it was? What is the role of the Security

Do you think the punishment was appropriate

Write a 2 page paper on a recent tax fraud case. Try to find a case involving an individual verses a corporation or other business entity. Explain how the taxpayers were cheat

Exponential smoothing to forecast equipment

A dry cleaner uses exponential smoothing to forecast equipment usage at its main plant. August usage was forecast to be 88 percent of capacity; actual usage was 89.6 percent


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