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a. What do you understand by "marketing communications mix"?

b. Explain what kinds of appeal marketers would find most effective in marketing the following products or services: disposable diapers, laundry detergent, a quit smoking program, seat belts and life insurance?

Please be detail.

Reference no: EM131042961

Discuss ways that these issues can be reduced or eliminated

Discuss three issues that can deter high performance when outsourcing a project. Discuss ways that these issues can be reduced or eliminated ahead of time or during the proj

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In his interview at the 2011 Paris airshow, Mr. Albaugh alluded to Boeing's competitive environment. How do manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus, or companies in other indus

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Two sisters, Darla and Irene, are partners in an import business located in a small town in Rhode Island. Irene is also campaigning to be the mayor of their town. Both sisters

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Provide some examples in business or in sports in which a controlled process is erroneously adjusted and an out-of-control process is ignored. What implications do these error

Practicing corporate social responsibility

The Unit 3 Discussion is designed for you to consider how a business might implement corporate social responsibility in their value chain. Put on your entrepreneur hat! Assume

Performance appraisal system

A company sells consumer products like soaps and detergents using door-to-door sales. That is, salesmen make calls at homes, demonstrate their products, sell and collect payme


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