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The Oldo company has developed a new electronic device called 'BetterLife' for the elderly, which combines a mobile phone, personal alarm, GPS, and heart rate monitor. You have been asked to develop a marketing communication plan for the BetterLife device. You know that Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) includes the following tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct and digital marketing, and personal selling. The main objective of your IMC strategy is to increase awareness and knowledge about the product among the broad target group of ‘people aged 70 years and over who are living independently in their own home’ (i.e. not living in a nursing home or with family).

a) List the TWO IMC tools that you believe will be most effective to achieve your objective, and justify your choice.

b) Provide a brief explanation of each of the two tools you selected.

c) For each of the two tools you selected, briefly describe ONE possible advantage and ONE possible disadvantage in using the tool for the promotion of BetterLife (i.e. what is the major strength and weakness of each tool).

Reference no: EM132234978

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