Marketing channels and supply chain management function

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Describe how movie theaters use various marketing channels and the supply chain management function to distribute your product. In some cases where the product is in a fixed location, you may need to address the marketing/distribution channels through the other 'tools' - i.e. using newspaper promotions to reach to the customer, describe the distribution of the newspaper.)

Reference no: EM13902323

Descriptions-several examples of operational flexibility

Give, with explanations and descriptions, several examples of “operational flexibility” that help to serve customers and serve to improve the potential for operational profita

Analysis methodologies to assist the board of regents

Strutledge is a small private liberal arts school located within 50 miles of a major urban area in the southeast United States. As with most institutions of higher education,

Utilize to hold employees acountable for work performance

Build an alternative courses of action that a business office supervisor can utilize to hold employees acountable for work performance and productivity. Generate some ideas th

Life in cuba tends to be the manana philosophy

Following is an excerpt from a New York Times article about the difficulties American businesses are having as they attempt to establish trade with Cuba. Read the excerpt and

Compute control limits for a p-chart

Twenty-five samples of 150 online orders that were picked manually were each inspected prior to shipping, and a total of 36 orders were found to be incomplete or wrong. Comp

Determine the standard deviation of returns

An investor plans to invest 75 percent of her funds in the common stock of GAmma Industries and 25 percent in Epsilon Company. The expected return on GAmma is 12 percent and t

Explain how many hours do you expect the assembly

Explain how many hours do you expect the assembly of the 100th unit to take. Is the contract‘s assumption about the average labour hours per unit valid or should the price be

Analysis of organisation development

In light of the above statement, please provide a analysis of Organisation Development and its integration with the Human Resources Development Strategy in an organisation.


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