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Marketing Analysis on ISIS Pharmaceuticals Instructions:

1. Paper most be clear, concise, and easy to read. Slides are not busy, use of extraneous graphics/clip art is minimal, presentation template does not distract from information being presented. Charts and graphs should be included.

2. 15 slides.

3. Report length: 2000 - 2500 Words.

4. Font face: Times New Roman

5. Font size: 12 pt

6. Line spacing: Double spaced

7. Margins: Left, Right, Top and Bottom must not exceed 1 inch

8. I need you to know how This Company Markets itself as a business on a global scale and how it keeps itself on top of its competition.

9. I also need a SWOT analysis done on the Marketing side of this Company.

10. I do not want any financial information unless it ties into the Marketing aspect of the paper.

11. I need all original information and if you must please paraphrase and cite all information

12. I need a paper that is insightful.

13. I need at least 5 powerpoint slides with bullets that covers all important and significant information on paper. That can rely a concise picture of what I am covering.

Reference no: EM13732825

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