Market structures like monopoly

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Topics Individual essay:

Choose any One of the topics from the following list:

• Micro economics - study of individual behaviour - individual industry like education, meat industry, tourism and agriculture. Choose any ONE industry in Australia from this list and discuss the reforms been done in that industry.

• Cost of production- in any industry in Australia where costs of production are an important issue and analyse what is being done in the industry. May be the industry is switching to technology or/and some substitutes have been used to overcome this problem!

• Demand and supply of certain resources in Australia and factors other than price which affect demand and supply

• Market structures like Monopoly, Duopoly, Oligopoly and Monopolistic competition in any industry in Australia.

Structure of the Essay

• Introduction - which topic 200 words
• Body- Discuss the topic in the article and with some theory -700 words
• Conclusion 100 words
• Reference (Harvard Reference Style)

- More marks for research - choosing a good article on something specific topic from the above list
- There is no need to explain the theory/concepts in the essay on its own
- More marks for application and your comments on the topic
- You need to attach the copy of the articles with your essay. Also attach the safe assignment report with your essay.
- Upload the soft copy on BB by FRI 5pm week 6.
- You also need to submit hard copy of your assignment on LVL 6 on FRI by week 6.

- You need to use the following sources for the articles:

• Economist
• Australian Financial Review
• The Australian
• Sydney Morning Herald
• Some Academic research

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Reference no: EM13826898

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