Market structures like monopoly
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Topics Individual essay:

Choose any One of the topics from the following list:

• Micro economics - study of individual behaviour - individual industry like education, meat industry, tourism and agriculture. Choose any ONE industry in Australia from this list and discuss the reforms been done in that industry.

• Cost of production- in any industry in Australia where costs of production are an important issue and analyse what is being done in the industry. May be the industry is switching to technology or/and some substitutes have been used to overcome this problem!

• Demand and supply of certain resources in Australia and factors other than price which affect demand and supply

• Market structures like Monopoly, Duopoly, Oligopoly and Monopolistic competition in any industry in Australia.

Structure of the Essay

• Introduction - which topic 200 words
• Body- Discuss the topic in the article and with some theory -700 words
• Conclusion 100 words
• Reference (Harvard Reference Style)

- More marks for research - choosing a good article on something specific topic from the above list
- There is no need to explain the theory/concepts in the essay on its own
- More marks for application and your comments on the topic
- You need to attach the copy of the articles with your essay. Also attach the safe assignment report with your essay.
- Upload the soft copy on BB by FRI 5pm week 6.
- You also need to submit hard copy of your assignment on LVL 6 on FRI by week 6.

- You need to use the following sources for the articles:

• Economist
• Australian Financial Review
• The Australian
• Sydney Morning Herald
• Some Academic research

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The scenario which meets the industrial changes depends on the business change helps the customer to keep an integration of all the e-commercialised data. In order to manage with the system of products, there is a need to handle the measures which are inventory enough for targeting the different industries. (Bilson et al., 2011).

For a growth of the system, there are certain challenges which meets to improve the services and lead towards the growth and development of better system plan. The working in IBM and their measures are assigned to look forward of the customers depending upon the large amount which catalogue the growth of the data.

The company tries to work on basis of commercialised system and growth which matches to the modules of pricing and other automation system.

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