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Equestrain Roads sold $50,000 of goods and accepted the customer's $50,000 10% 1-year note receivable in exchange. Assuming 10% approximates the market rate of return, what would be the debit in this journal entry to record the sale?

Reference no: EM13126672

Describe the meaning of par value as it has evolved to today

The par value of shares historically indicated the real value of shares and all shares were issued at that price. The concept has changed with time. Describe the meaning of pa

What is an optional tool in the accounting process

A columnar working paper used to prepare a company's unadjusted trial balance, adjusting entries, adjusted trial balance, and financial statements, and which is an optional

Incremental effect on company overall profit

Hodge Inc. has some material that originally cost $74,600. The material has a scrap value of $57,400 as is, but if reworked at a cost of $1,500, it could be sold for $54,500

Corporate income statement assessment

Prepare Nguyen Corporation's income statement for 2011, including earnings per share, assuming a weighted average of 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding for 2011.

Does the aicpa code of professional conduct

Does the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct discuss the collegial responsibilities of CPA firms?In your opinion,were representatives of either Ernst & Young or Kenneth Leven

Nature of relevant and irrelevant costs

This purpose of this essay is to identify the nature of relevant and irrelevant costs and their role in the decision making process. Draw from your personal as well as profe

Create t accounts for the balance sheet accounts

Create T- accounts for the balance sheet accounts and for these additional accounts: Service Revenue, Rent Revenue, Salaries and Wages Expense, and Utilities Expense. Enter th

Explain two career options someone with accounting education

Describe at least two career options someone with an accounting education can pursue. Be sure to reference sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American In


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