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The outcome of the assessment is to profile the market for international marketing operation. Select one international market country to consider for launching a product of the business/company you select. The product should not be available in the market / country you select

1. Outline a brief introduction of the company and its major products/services

2. Outline market situation or situational analysis or environmental analysis. This is for the host market .

  • Macro
    • pest analysis
    • International standards
  • Micro
    • Competitors analysis
  • Three major competitors' that include international players and local players.
  • Marketing mix
  • Major strengths and weakness
    • Customer analysis
  • Needs and preferences
  • Consumer behavior analysis (factors affecting consumer behavior)

Segmentation analysis

o   Four variables of consumer segmentation/VALS segmentation / Need State segmentation approach

Targeting Strategy

o   There are four targeting strategies to select undifferentiated differentiated concentrated and micro. For this assessment you could select either differentiated or concentrated. Please outline the reason

Swot analysis:

o   Asset/ capability / resources to consider for strengths / weakness analysis

  • Financial resources
  • Networking such as supplier distributor and customer
  • Brand
  • Management capability
  • Business process
  • Other assets capabilities


o   link to pest analysis

  • Threats
    • link to PEST analysis
    • link to competitor's analysis


  • Formula to whom (target market) you (our brand) are/is what (concept)
  • Implementation plan:

 Relate to possible marketing mix to deliver this positioning statement. Explain how they will be implemented . This includes what, when , who and how.

Reference no: EM13941256

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