Market economies stimulate greater economic growth

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It has been argued that free market economies stimulate greater economic growth than do state-directed economies. Make a well-constructed and persuasive argument on why or why not this may be true.


Doesnt need to be in paper format, just needs to be answered completely

Reference no: EM131386916

Find the convection heat loss per unit length from the duct

The duct wall and shield are separated by an air gap of thickness t = 0.06 m. For a duct wall temperature of Td = 40°C and a shield temperature of Tsh = 20°C, determine the co

Explain steps to install apache on the operating system

One of the great benefits of the Apache web server is its wide range of OS and platform support. Apache will run on any Unix-like OS (e.g. Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris, and Ber

Vertex of odd valence

Suppose that for a certain connected graph, it is possible to disconnect it by one edge. Explain why such a graph (before the edge is removed) must have atleast one vertex o

Souurce of mac address for all frame sent from host a

Host A want to send data to Host B.Host B is an different segment from Host A. The two segment are connected through router.What will host B see as souurce of MAC address fo

Transformational theory leader-member theory

How would you apply the transformational theory leader-member theory (LMX) to improve an organization's performance? Discuss in the context of your own organization, an orga

Concerned about institutional conflict

Explain why institutional conflict is significant. Why does it matter? As part of your explanation of why we should be concerned about institutional conflict, describe some s

Assignment on modeling a game using turing machine

Modeling a Game Using Turing Machine, Select a game that can be modeled by a simple Turing machine. It should take a series of inputs (such as a set of moves by a player) an

Centralized database management systems and distribute

Compare and contrast benefits and challenges that exist between centralized database management systems and distributed database management systems. Identify potential bus


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