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1. What actually happened to BNJ? Look it up! Ben and Jerry growth in sales suffered a financial loss in 1999, but the company is somewhat stable. Ben and Jerry suffered a loss in profit in 1994, however Ben and Jerry had improved after 1994. Ben and Jerry still has a sturdy position in the market and the ability to secure long-term future profit.

2. From your answer to #5, you will know that BNJ could be impacted by the recent Kraft-Heinz bid to purchase Unilever. In addition, Warren Buffett is involved, since he was instrumental in negotiating the merger of Kraft and Heinz! Unilever immediately rejected the $143 billion cash-and-stock offer as too low. Using the techniques of the Buffett and/or BNJ cases, or by reference to an analysis in the financial press, what would be a fair price for Unilever?

Reference no: EM131441190

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