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It’s a big world out there and many of America’s biggest brands are eager to get their brands into the complete global market. But what works on the average American consumer doesn’t always translate well in other countries, and a combination of naïveté, arrogance, and lack of understanding the market have often led to some rather disappointing ventures in the far reaches of the world.

Choose one of the following companies that has struggled to enter various global markets:

1.              Best Buy – Struggled entering Europe, China and Turkey

2.              Groupon – Made missteps in entering the Chinese market

3.              McDonalds – Struggled to create a strong presence in the Caribbean

4.              Starbucks – Could not break into the Australian coffee market

5.              WalMart – Difficulty connecting to the South Korean market

Once you have chosen the company, complete the following steps to analyze what the company could have done differently to be successful in the specific market.

SWOT Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Cultural Behavior Analysis

Once the analysis is complete, give a recommendation of what can be done for the company to re-enter the market successfully.

Reference no: EM131435943

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