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Choose one landmark, monument, natural wonder, or city in South America. Create an informative and detailed brochure, report, slide show presentation, or movie about your chosen place. The project should aim to both inform and promote the location you select. Create a rich story of the place, including a brief history and why it is significant both now and historically. Use images to illustrate your presentation of your chosen location.

Your project must contain the following elements:

  1. Map identifying the location of the chosen site.
  2. Important facts including name, location, a brief history, and its purpose or significance.
  3. At least five images of their site. For each image, you must write a few sentences of explanation. These "captions" should reveal interesting details about the site and how and why it is important to the people of the region. Cite the source for each image. (For interesting photos, try Google Images, National Geographic, or  Wikimedia Commons.)
  4. Works cited/works consulted page.
  5. Neatness counts. No spelling mistakes, everything clearly labeled, your name is clearly on the project, all work is original and well sourced.

Reference no: EM131442662

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