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A. Blanton Godfrey notes that many organizations are “wired for failure”; that is, their processes are not designed effectively or aligned with each other. He cites several examples. One is overscheduling at airports. During the 4:15 to 4:30 P.M. time slot, 35 arrivals are scheduled in Atlanta, even though in optimal weather conditions the airport can handle only 25 in 15 minutes; with bad weather, this number drops to 17. Another company celebrated its largest sales contract in history only to discover that all qualified suppliers for critical materials were at capacity. A third example is the unwillingness of departments to work together. When products fail in the plant or in service, it isn’t because designers choose components they know will fail; they often have insufficient information about the problems that result from their choices. Such problems can be mitigated by good process management. Discuss his observations.

Reference no: EM131231539

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