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There has been some discussion among the employees in your company's manufacturing plant about forming a union. Company management recognizes the discussion may be due to the absence of a formal grievance procedure to assist employees with reporting their concerns and grievances to management. HR  has been asked to develop a formal grievance procedure in an effort to develop better labor relations between the employer and the employees and as an avoidance measure to the formation of a union. To assist HR developing a formal grievance procedure, visit several websites which offer information about conflict resolution.

1. Employees in the shipping department have requested the implementation of a "suggestion box" system to help them bring their concerns to the attention of management and to help improve labor relations. Identify the advantages and of such a system.

2. If a company management determines that the "suggestion box" request will be more cumbersome than helpful, what are some alternative solutions that management can suggest to the employees?

This paper should be 1000-1500 words with 5 outside sources.

Reference no: EM131076236

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