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Task: In this assignment you are required to undertake research (literature review with at least 10 quality references. Quality in this assignment refers to peer reviewed/refereed journal articles) and present your findings on "Issues posed to ERP Implementation Projects in Manufacturing or Public Sector Organisations". Important: You have to explore the issues from one perspective only: either 'people' related issues, 'technology' related issues or 'operations' related issues. Be very clear what your perspective / position is at the beginning of the paper. Please note that this assignment should be presented as a research paper for a hypothetical journal. This means that it follows the structure and style of a journal article. A template can be found in the Assignment 1 section on the course website. Length and Presentation: Minimum of 1250 and maximum of 2000 words excluding figures, appendices, and references. This task will require you to have a good understanding of the current body of knowledge in the topic area (Course objective a) and to undertake research in the area (Course objective b, g, and h). Course objective f will be met as you make recommendations in the final sections of the paper. This is an individual assignment and ethical considerations will come into play as you consider equity issues and corporate social responsibility (Course objectives c, e). Finally, international perspectives will play a role in some of the current practices and perspectives considered (Course objective b).

Reference no: EM13934184

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