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You have been asked by your company's CEO to find a way to improve the performance of its teams of web design and web hosting specialists and programmers. Each team works on a different aspect of website production; and while each is responsible for the quality of its own performance, its performance also depends on how well the other teams perform. Your task is to create a control system that will help to increase the performance of each team separately and facilitate cooperation among the teams. This is necessary because the various projects are interlinked and affect one another just as the different parts of a car must fit together. Because competition in the website production market is intense, it is imperative that each website be up and running as quickly as possible and incorporate all the latest advances in software technology.

Discussion case questions:

1. What kind of output controls will best facilitate positive interactions both within the teams and among the teams?

2. What kind of behavior controls will best facilitate positive interactions both within the teams and among the teams?

3. How would you help managers develop a culture to promote high team performance?

Reference no: EM131414834

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