Managers care little about human resources management

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1. Many believe that top managers care little about human resources management (or department) as compared to such areas as marketing, finance, production, and engineering. In at least two paragraphs, use critical thinking skills to explain what you believe might account for the perception.

2. If you were in a position to change it, what would you specifically do to alter or transform this perception? Be specific and support your argument(s) with examples, statistics, research, cited quotes, etc.

Reference no: EM131358963

Adopt an electronic health record system

What would happen if all healthcare organizations were required to adopt an electronic health record system? How would this affect efficiency, privacy, data storage, ease o

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Explain what the ethical issues in this case and who are the primary stakeholders and is there any justification for the marketing tactics described?which are acceptable and

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In a 400 to 500 word paper, include two academic sources that are properly cited using APA formatting. Describe in detail how your African American Associations in the USA m

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Illustrate what are the differences between a majority opinion and a dissenting opinion in terms of an actual case law and policy impact? Explain how are the components of int

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Which of the following trade restrictions would likely result in the least overall inefficiency? a) A $20 tariff that resulted in 5000 unites of imports b)A quota of 3000 uni

Ip address of the client

"Your IP address is:" followed by the IP address of the machine that has connected. The IP address of the client may be obtained by using the getInetAddress method in the So

Unemployment rate in the united states

What do you think are some of the factors that contribute to the unemployment rate in the United States? If you were handling the economic policy what are some things you w

Determining the rules of marketing

Do you agree with HubSpot that the "rules of marketing" have changed?  If so, how?  Is inbound marketing the answer?  Why or why not? (Suggestion:  Identify the benefits and


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