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Part 1

For the first part of this assignment, compare and contrast the theoretical and practical differences between "formal research" and "business proposals". What are some commonalities? What are some differences?  What are the capabilities of one in contrast with the capabilities of the other? Use sources available on the Web, the library, and the textbook to support your arguments and remember to include these sources in the references section of your paper.

Part 2

For this second part, search one of the five 'testable statements' (hypothesis) listed below and conduct a survey of the literature using one of the article collections (databases) in the Library. Based upon the elements of how to construct a literature review suggested in the Sekaran & Bougie textbook and additional sources, prepare an actual 3-4 page Literature Review (Step 2 of the Sekaran & Bougie process) that address the most relevant findings reported in research articles which address, support, or refute your chosen hypothesis. Pick one of the following hypotheses to compose your Literature Review:

Is collaborative technology in virtual business teams a facilitator of corporate globalization?

Are multiple forms of intelligences significant antecedents to transactional and transformational leadership behaviors?

Can organizational learning be considered a predictor of effective strategic management?

Is technical competency a mediator and moderator of managerial effectiveness?

What are the effects of human resources outsourcing on leadership performance and employee commitment?

Format style: APA Style

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