Managerial application of information technology
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Managerial application of information technology

With the advent of scanners and the universality of the portable document format (PDF), the market for optical copiers is shrinking rapidly. Can a company such as Xerox Corporation survive? In this assignment, you will address this question.

Research the issues faced by Xerox from 2000-2010 and the solutions found using the assigned readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Specifically review the company's annual report at the following:
Xerox Corporation http://news.xerox.com/investors/reports
Respond to the following:

Identify multiple business pressures on Xerox.

Describe some of the company's response strategies.

Identify the role of IT as a contributor to the business technology pressures (for example, obsolescence).

Identify the role of IT as a facilitator of Xerox's critical response activities.

Support your positions with reasons and examples based on your research.

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