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Read the scenario given below and answer the questions that follow:

Scenario on Conflict

Linda Sims is the manager of the accounting department and Jose Martinez is the manager of the sales department for a production company. This is a fast growing firm, and the staff of the accounting department (11 employees) is often over whelmed with work.
Since the accounting department is located immediately next to the credit department, Ruth Rankin, the administrative assistant in credit, sometimes works on journal entries assigned to her by Sims.

The company has experienced especially rapid growth over the past six months, which has caused everyone to be busier than usual. With the increase in sales volume, the credit office is under pressure to process applications more quickly, and Rankin is available to help Sims out with accounting overflow less often.

Sims complains to Martinez that she needs Rankin to work in accounting more than he needs her in credit. Martinez' response is "if I can't move the credit applications through the pipeline in a timely manner, soon there'll be no need for an accounting department, because this company will be out of business."

What is the cause of this conflict?

What style did Sims initially use? If you were Sims, how would you approach Martinez in this situation?

Reference no: EM131155115

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