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Management Theories

For this week’s Discussion Board, you will be reviewing different schools of management theory.

Choose one of the following schools of management theory and follow the instructions below:

Industrial Revolution (p.25)

Classical School (p.25)

Human Resources School (p.30)

Explain in 150 words or more:

What are the most important features of this school’s management theory?

How can components of the theory be used in today’s health care setting?

You should also respond in 75 words or more to at least two classmates.

Posting Tip:

Posting is not just posting what every other student posts, but about bringing out original and insightful ideas on, in this case, the Discussion Board. Therefore, you should strive each week to improve your posting skills by offering thorough and clear writings by bringing up fresh perspectives on the given topic.

Reference no: EM131138747

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