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Why are capabilities and value creation so interconnected with the management of technology and innovation? Be sure your answer is in the context of its strategic importance.

Note:Your initial post should be direct answer to the posted question(s), and must be a minimum of 250 words long and completely address the posted question(s). Additionally, it must include a minimum of two references included in APA format (6th ed.).

Reference no: EM131178953

Why research is importnant and what are the benefits

The topic was about reserach and why is it importnant to reasearch and what are the benefits, Some students gave a presentation about reserach and how its helping them now wit

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Purchasing manger is currently reordering whenever the inventory on hand is equal to twice as much as the safety stock level. Calculate the reorder point and achieved fill r

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In your opinion, should Loyola Law School have retroactively inflated students' grades and Explain why Kant might render such a judgment. Would Kant recommend actions such as

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How are Hypothesis Development and Theoretical Framework used in Healthcare. How does the Measurement of Variables (Operation Definition) play a role in the Healthcare Field.

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"The impact to the sociality in implementing a metro system, The experience of Dubai". The requirement: To Write a literature matrix for the above subject, base on at least

Question about leadership and competition

In the New Competition for Global Resources, a special report prepared by the Boston Consulting Group and Wharton, the Triple E threat driving new understandings about the g

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Some critics have claimed that by outsourcing so much work, Boeing has been exporting American jobs overseas. Is this criticism fair? Explain how should the Industry respond

Operationalize sustainability

This is designed to analyze an organization and to help develop a plan for that organization to better Operationalize sustainability in the future. This is the paper you will


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