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1. Write a 6 page paper describing: What you as an Human Resource Manager can do about helping employees manage their careers. Provide an analysis of how and organization manages the careers of their employees. Finally, provide an analysis of how that organization can improve the management of employee training programs. Explore different resources and develop individual approaches to the subject.

2. Write a 1.5 page paper using a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) involved in a project or in a business venture analysis on a potential training program and discuss the internal and external conditions that can affect learner outcomes and capabilities.

The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your argument.

Minimums are 6 and 1.5 for each of the respective papers, writtne in APA Format, and a minimum of 5 References for question one and 2 for question two.

Reference no: EM13739320

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