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1. A company is faced with the challenge of communicating to its employees a significant change in its policies. How should the management effectively communicate this change to its employees?

a. Give the employees monetary compensation in order to accept the change.

b. Inform employees directly that they must accept the change.

c. Coerce the employees to accept the change.

d. Emphasize the benefits employees gain from the change.

2. To avoid litigation, some companies that extend credit choose to:

a. omit the explanation for credit denial.

b. indirectly hint at the credit denial.

c. blame the consumer reporting agency.

d. ignore a customer's request for credit.

3. Which of the following is true of resignation messages?

a. They should be conveyed over the phone or by face to face communication.

b. They should close on a negative note.

c. They are written inductively.

d. They are appropriate instruments for telling managers how a business should be operated

4. Rajesh presented a lecture to the biology students at AMT University. However, his presentation was not well received by the audience. Which of the following actions of Rajesh is most likely to be the reason for the audience's reaction?

a. He used transition words to move from the body of the presentation to the closing.

b. He smiled and waited for the audience's applause.

c. He did not tie the closing to the introduction of the presentation.

d. He did not use speech habits such as clearing the throat and coughing.

5. Madison is preparing a report on war fatalities in three different war zones. She has designed a bar chart comparing the number of fatalities in each war zone and now wants to insert it into her report. Which of the following is a recommended way to insert the graphic into her report?

a. Madison should insert the graphic followed by a reference to the graphic in the form of a page number or "see above."

b. Madison should interpret and analyze the graphic before the graphic appears in the report.

c. Madison should introduce the graphic in the text immediately before the graphic appears and then put in an analysis after it.

d. Madison should analyze the graphic and place it in the references section at the end of the report.

Reference no: EM13969054

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