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Assignment: IM / IT Analysis

Write a five (5) page paper in which you:

Determine, within the health care setting, the main features, capabilities, and operational benefits to a health care organization using the following:

patient care applications
management and enterprise systems
e-Health applications
strategic decision-support applications
Provide specific examples of each.

Assume that you are a senior health service administrator responsible for the health information systems within your organization, and create an argument to be presented to the leaders with the organization that a strategic plan is essential for the IM / IT. Indicate the most significant elements that the administrator should address in the plan. Provide support for the rationale.

Assess the importance of a systems development life cycle as it pertains to both the development of a custom application, coupled with the selection of proprietary systems. Provide an example to support the response.

Recommend the key element necessary to ensure secure access to health care and patient information within a health care management electronic system. Provide support for the recommendation.

Make at least two (2) recommendations for improving the application of systems theory to health care IM / IT governance and planning. Provide specific examples to support the response.

Use at least four (4) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

Reference no: EM13760783

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