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Question 1

Select a company listed in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and prepare a report (2000 words) covering the following aspects of the company using at least three annual reports.

1. Management and directors of the company

2. Major shareholders (holding at least 5% of shares)

3. Compensation of directors and top executives

4. Key performance indicators (accounting and market)

5. Evaluate the performance of the company. Please use the relevant industry averages to compare company performance. Some industry averages are available free of charge from IBISWorld:

Question 2

Robert Alba just won the state lottery. He has been given the option of receiving either $62.9 million today or $5 million a year for the next 35 years, with the first payment paid today. Discuss the process that Robert should use to determine which payment option he prefers. Ignore all taxes and assume that Jesse will live for at least 40 more years.

Reference no: EM131125664

What was the average real risk-free rate over time period

You've observed the following returns on Crash-n-Burn Computer's stock over the past five years: 12 percent, -9 percent, 20 percent, 17 percent, and 10 percent. Suppose the

Current cash balance of the boeing company

Given this dividend policy and the current cash balance of The Boeing Company, would you push the firm to change its dividend policy (return more or less cash to its owners)

Does the firm appear to have an agency problem

Evaluate the firm's approach to pollution control. Does it seem to be ethical? Why might incurring the expense to control pollution be in the best interests of the firm's ow

Which month to cut expense would give her the best return

If she decides to save money by cutting expenses, which month to cut expense would give her the best return? There are two deliverables for this case study, a short write-up o

The return on the market portfolio

Suppose the return on Stock A is 9.5%, the return on the market portfolio is 8%, and the risk-free rate is 2%. Solve for beta for Stock A. Suppose the return on Stock A is 16%

How would this affect the price of the stock

Now, suppose the Federal Reserve Board increases the money supply, causing a fall in the risk-free rate to 6% and rM to 13%. How would this affect the price of the stock? Ro

What will your earnings per share be after the merger

Suppose you offer an exchange ratio such that, at current pre-announcement share prices for both firms, the offer represents a 20% premium to buy TargetCo, what will your earn

What is the financial situation of the company

Compare and Contrast the Balance Sheet as of February 28th with the balance sheet as of March 31st. After analyzing the statements, answer the following questions: What is t


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