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You are the CEO of a large company seeking to invest in either Central or South America and have directed your staff to prepare a report and recommendations. Two of the countries you are assigned are Brazil and Venezuela, and it is your task to make the recommendation between these two countries. Assess the various risks in each of these countries. Which country would you recommend and why? Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent response.

Reference no: EM13994804

What details are required for that defense to be successful

If someone came up to you in a club and you both begin arguing and you are punched in the mouth resulting in the loss of a tooth.....which tort was committed? What possible de

Constantly speaking of the importance of money-capital

In the business world, managers are constantly speaking of the importance of Money v. Capital. Are these concepts the same or different? Please justify your response by relati

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Health Insurance. Name and describe the three general strategies available to benefits managers for controlling the rapidly escalating costs of health care. Identify which str

Business law-what legal theory of recovery

Business Law When Bart was 18, Homer told Bart "I promise to give you $5,000.00 if you don't smoke until you are 21 years old." Bart agreed, and they put the agreement in writ

Linear programming applied

Linear Programming Applied. Make up and describe a business situation that could be solved using linear programming. Identify and describe the two variables you are solving fo

What is the purpose of the project scope statement

What is the purpose of the Project Scope Statement? What information is used to create the scope statement? How is the scope reflected on the WBS? What is the SOW? In what doc

Consider organization as the anchor of supply chain

The introduction to the case explains that when we consider an organization as the anchor of a supply chain, we extend the boundaries of the organization itself. Brian Durkee,

Corporations natural and societal environments

Discuss how a development in a corporation’s natural and societal environments can affect the corporation through its task environment. How can value chain analysis help ident


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