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"Zip Guys, Inc. runs a large network of auto part stores. Each part they offer for sale is identified by an SKU assigned by Zip Guys. For each part, they want to store the identity of the part manufacturer name, a manufacturer's part number, a unit price, and the associated part type; each part has only one type. Part types are identified by a code, along with a description: for example "FUELFILT" for "fuel filter" or "SIGLAMP" for "signaling lamp". A critical function of Zip Guys' database is to identify the compatibility of each part with each type of vehicle. Each type of vehicle is identified by a specific "vehicle type code" which corresponds to a specific combination of vehicle specific make, model name, year, and engine description (such as "2.8 liter V6"). Usually, a given part fits more than one vehicle type, and there are of course a large variety of parts that can fit any given vehicle. The database needs to be organized so that when a customer has a request such as "I need a tail light bulb for a 2008 Toyota Matrix", the store staff can query the database to find out which appropriate part(s) the store sells will fit the customer's vehicle. Your database should also contain a table of known vehicle makes (but, for simplicity, do not include separate tables for known model names and engine types). Design a database for this information and hand in an entity-relationship diagram and a database design outline." I am really not sure how i'm supposed to make the entity- relationship diagram. what are my primary keys supposed to be?

Reference no: EM132281136

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