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Question - Given the Statement of shareholders Equity

Bonds payable, 8%, due in 5 years 80,000

Premium on bonds payable 8,000

Additional paid-in capital, preferred stock 17,600

Net gain on foreign currency translation 41,000

Cash dividend payable, common stock 9,000

Stock dividend distributable, common stock 10,000

Sinking fund 37,000

Additional paid-in capital, common stock 32,400

Net actuarial loss on pension obligation 11,000

Investment in U.S. Treasury notes 24,000

Treasury stock, common stock, at cost of $100 per share 60,000

Preferred stock, $10 par value, 6%, 100,000 shares authorized, ? shares issued, ? shares outstanding 200,000

Reserve for sinking fund 37,000

Retained earnings, unappropriated 263,000

Common stock, $ ? stated value, ? shares issued, 24. 400 outstanding  100,000

Required - Using the applicable information from the above listing, make statement of shareholders' equity for Inge Co., as of December 31, 2020.

Reference no: EM132667884

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