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Sales forecasts are not 100% accurate, yet you must make some projections to manage inventory,personnel, materials, other resources. How do you compensate for the uncertainites? this is after the fact-- the forecast is made for the next three months using the best possible data and techniques. Now you must deal with the uncertainties. You might begin listing some of the uncertainties and explain how you will handle deviations from expectations.

Reference no: EM131033500

Determine the top-two aspects of the selection process

Determine the top-two aspects of the selection process that you would focus on when selecting candidates for positions in an organization where you work or another company whe

Describe some of the control mechanisms in place in job

Describe some of the control mechanisms in place in a job you've held. For instance, if you negotiate a work from home arrangement, your employer might want an "accounting" of

Mathematically formulate a liner optimization model

Valencia Producers makes automobile radar detectors ad assembles two models: LazorStop and SpeedBuster. The firm can sale all it produces. Both models use the same electrical

Redevelopment of playground

What structure would you select for your project: functional, weak matrix, balanced matrix, strong matrix, or pure project? Why? Project is: Redevelopment of playground

Determine the largest standard deviation

The Good Chocolate Company makes a variety of chocolate candies, including a 12-ounce chocolate bar (340 grams). The output of the machine that fills the bar molds is approxim

Discuss the development of the philosophy

ACC11416 Building High Performance Organisations Assessment. Discuss the development of the philosophy, principles and process of lean in the context of its contribution to m

Minimize inventory and maximize flow rate for entire process

Metal frames for kick scooters are manufactured in two steps: Stamping and assembly. Each frame is made up of three pieces: one unit of part A and two units of part B. Which b

Which had greatest utilization rate

During a three day period, 109 healthy babies were born. 60 babies were born in separate labour also delivery rooms, 45 were born in combined labour also delivery rooms, als


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