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Can someone make meaningful comment on this two discussion respond.

Discussion 1 Enterprise 2.0 is social network that allows different companies to share information between one another and their customers. Enterprise 2.0 uses web 2.0, which allows companies/people to rate their service, share their comments, and network with other people/companies. A perfect example of enterprise 2.0 is yelp. Yelp does everything I mentioned above and it is connected with other social media services like Facebook, Instagram and Google plus. Enterprise 2.0 is a perfect example of knowledge work, someone was thinking out of the box when they started the above social media tools. These tools turned out to be extremely successful and beneficial to the company and its customers. These tools happened to work so well that other companies have implemented them in their companies.

Discussion 2 Enterprise 2.0 is based off the concepts of Web 2.0 in which “new digital platforms for generating, sharing and refining information are already popular on the internet” (McAfee, 2006). There is no single definition of what Enterprise 2.0 is but it involves the collaboration and sharing of ideas through an organization’s corporate intranet. The sharing of these ideas is known as Knowledge Works. Any employee can search, author, link, and tag anything to “elicit tactic knowledge, best practices and relevant experiences from people throughout the company” (McAfee, 2006). The theory behind Enterprise 2.0 is that it should help make an organization more productive and make everyone feel part of a team.

Reference no: EM13964016

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