Make assumption about its stage in the product life cycle

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Search the internet for an article/blog that supports and one that questions the benefit of a lean and/or Six Sigma approaches to improve an organization’s processes. Critically think about the articles to complete a 2-3 page paper with the following:

Compare and contrast the assertions made in each article/blog. Where do they agree and disagree?

Using the lean and/or Six Sigma approach, what two actions could an organization take to improve the possibility for long-term improvement in an organization’s processes? Select a product with which you’re familiar as a manufacturer or customer and make an assumption about its stage in the product life cycle.

Assuming your organization is using a Lean approach to remove waste from your organization, explain the factors you will look for from your critical suppliers to support the Lean approach.

Reference no: EM131225828

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Consider an assembly line with 20 stations. Each station has a 0.5% probability of making a defect. At the end of the line, an inspection step singles out the defective units.


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