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Make a business plan and a feasibility study for a small business in Iraq. The business is creating AV and HA products from China from some factories under the brand name "Ramazan for Electronics".

What type of business do you want to start? (Your line of business; description of business) For example an IT business with Ova script as its key area of expertise, a butcher's, or a travel agency specialising M trips for senior citizens.

Where do you want to start your business? I .ocation of the business. Why?

Which products or services will you sell? (What products do you want to sell)

For example apps that connect wcbsitcs with a business's administrative systems, guaranteed tender beef steaks and ready meals, or trips to historic European destinations with expert tour guides.

Who are your customers? (Target group)

For example businesses who need to receive and process informauon for customers, consumers in the local area who want meat of the highest (in:lilt,. or middle-class senior citizens.

Which customer needs will you fulfil? (How Will you find and get in touch with your costumers) For example by integrating web and administration, businesses can save a lot of money and offer improved services to their customers, the certainty of always being able to buy good-quality meat, and that senior tourists are able to enjoy a sense of histoty in the course of their trips.

How does your concept stand out in relation to your competitors? (What makes you different than others?)

For example we seek out customer. and visualise for them which services and savings they can achieve by integrating their websitcs; the customer can be confident of being sold tender steaks - if they are not tender, he gets two tender steaks free of charge; or the historical facts about the trips are described in detail on our website.

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Reference no: EM13660818

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