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Business Plan

Make a business plan about the company: Grush



Do a paper of business plan and a slide for business plan.

The detailing instructions are below.

The Thinking (2-4 pages written)

Source of the Idea

Analogs / Antilogs

Market Analysis & Target Segment

Geoffrey Moore Positioning Statement: For (target customer) who (statement of the need or opportunity), the (product name) is a (product category) that (statement of key benefit - that is, compelling reason to buy). Unlike (primary competitive alternative), our product (statement of primary differentiation).

Business Model Canvas (separate page)

The Pitch (10-12 slides)

10 concepts/points (detail on following slide)

10 / 20 / 30 Format

Presentation Slides:

Overview - Key assumptions

Problem / Opportunity

Value Proposition

Underlying Magic - Key Difference (be creative)

Business Model


Competitive Analysis - Market Map

Management Team (be creative)

Financial Projection

Progress and Accomplishments - Key Metrics (be creative)

What I want & What I will achieve

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Reference no: EM13897796

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