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A second year student at State College is majoring in music and uses a wheelchair to get around. Since he has been at State College he has been unable to use the music building on campus because it has no ramps and really tall steps. He has had others carry him into the building at times to use the facilities but considers this to be a hassle and detrimental to his music studies. State college counters that due to the age (200 years) and historical architectural significance of the building it would cost over $1 million to add ramps to make the building ADA compliant. Using knowledge gained from the interactive, and the course material, write a paper evaluating how this situation should turn out. Submit your answer to the Dropbox under Week 4: Simulation.

The components of a legal decision must include the following:

Factual Summary: provide a succinct and accurate description of the scenario at hand. Summarize the scenario to include all relevant facts.

Issue(s): Restatement or summarize the question. What is the legal question(s) that you are going to answer?

Legal Concept(s): Identify and discuss 1 or more legal concepts from the course material when exploring the problem at hand. Define the legal concept(s) and explain how the concept(s) relates to the given scenario.

Analysis/Conclusion: Analyze the factual scenario in relation to the legal concept in order to reach a well-reasoned conclusion. Be sure to apply the legal concept correctly toward solving the legal issue.

Paper should be double-spaced in 12pt font and approximately 500-750 words. At least 2 sources must be correctly cited to using APA citations, including both in-text parenthetical citations and an end-of-text list of references. 

Reference no: EM13194321

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