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Q1. Search the web for an example of each of the 4 major types of e-commerce websites (B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B) with screen shots complete URL and explain why it fits into one of the four types of e-commerce?

Q2. Assume that your friend wants to start an online fashion store business. Lists her two advantages of using e-commerce for her business and explain its benefits with respect to her business?

Reference no: EM13854237

Greater proportion of goods need to be picked

With the changing demand patterns, fewer full bins are being required and a greater proportion of goods need to be picked at the picking stations. What alternatives may be c

Describe your contributions and accomplishments

Experience: describe your contributions and accomplishments in your current and past positions. Your experience can be a good way to differentiate yourself. These include s

By what percentage has the euro appreciated

By what percentage has the euro appreciated or depreciated against the dollar during this three-month period?- By what percentage has the dollar appreciated or depreciated aga

How do marketers pretest their ads

What is media planning? How do media planners use reach, frequency, gross rating points, and cost per thousand in developing effective media schedules? What are continuous,

How many customers does the company serve

What is the current situation in the industry? This description includes the size of the particular industry, trends in the industry, the industry outlook and what is their

Develop a strategy scorecard that ties the performance

The SWOT model is one of the most common business tools used during organizational assessment. You should develop a strategy scorecard that ties the performance of your busin

How you will measure the marketing activities

How you will measure (what metrics will be used to determine success or failure) the marketing activities - please provide specific 'numbers' and/or specific 'number' ranges

Best example of a new-to-the-world product

1. Some firms might delay the launch of their products until after the competitor has borne the cost of educating the market. Such an entry is called ________ entry. 2. Whic


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