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You have been tasked to manage a major proposal for a new system development. One of the requirements in the Request for proposal (RFP) is that the contractors prepare a Statement of Work (SOW), a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and an Integrated Schedule to be included in the response to the RFP. The person you intend to assign to this task will need guidance. Briefly discuss the guidance on purpose and content of the SOW, WBS, and Schedule that you will give to this person to assure a "job well done".

Reference no: EM132184785

Prospective buyer and has negotiated price and contract

Jane hires John to sell her motorcycle. They enter into a 30 day contract. Ten days into the contract John has found a prospective buyer and has negotiated a price and contrac

Identify potential quality concerns in the traditional areas

Identify potential quality concerns in the traditional areas of machinery, employees, measurements, and materials. Organize these quality concerns using a cause-and-effect dia

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Johnson Product's places an order for inventory 4 times a year, at a reordering cost of $500 per order. The cost of carrying inventory is 20% per year. What is Johnson Product

Focusing on process rather than output

Monczka states, "TQM puts the focus on those value-adding processes that generate an output rather than on the output itself." Perhaps the most dramatic difference between tra

What is the purpose of the performance appraisal

Describe strategy based performance management. How does it link to overall organization strategy and what are the phases (with descriptions of what is included in each phase)

How many kanban card sets should be authorized

Hinge Manufacturing Company employs a Kanban system for a component part. The daily demand is 900 hinges. Each container has a wait time of 0.05/day, and a processing time o

Working on the crm implementation

George is working on the CRM implementation and 2 other smaller projects. His hours look okay when Ben first looks at them. However, when Ben adds up George's hours for the

What are the different network perspectives in innovative

What are the different network perspectives in innovative research? Why do authors differ in how they define innovation networks? How can networks influence actions of its m


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