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Consider the following organization:

Health Care Associates is a large primary care facility located in a major metropolitan area. The staff consists of eight doctors, twenty nurses, and numerous personnel that provide the administrative support for the organization.  In addition to general health care services, numerous other services are provided to the patient population. At this time, all information utilized by the organization is paper based including medical records, scheduling, and various information generated by all other operations of the organization.  Procedures and processes are not formally documented by the organization and the staff is having difficulty keeping up with the daily demands of normal operations.  Documentation is lost or misplaced on a fairly regular basis, putting the staff into crisis mode as they try to make things right.  Dr. Smith, the leading physician on the staff, realizes that the way the organization operates must change, but does not know where to start. In chapter 4 of the textbook, there are four business process management principles identified by James F. Chang.  Based on the current state of the organization, describe how the organization could  implement these principles to improve its effectiveness and performance.  Your paper should be at least two pages double-spaced.

Reference no: EM131375751

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