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What is the major message of the movie? (In other words: What is the film trying to tell the audience about TV news?) Give some specific examples (dialog, scenic elements, etc.) of how the movie makes this message clear.

200 words.


In what ways is this prophetic film reflective of current "news" and "commentary" shows on television now? Which ones — and how are they similar? And in what way is this film relevant to our current times?

200 words.


When Max says that Diana is "television incarnate," what does he mean by this? (It is NOT a compliment! Make sure you know the meaning of the word before responding.) In what way is she a symbol of all that was beginning to be wrong about television at the time of the film – and now?

200 words.


What is the major weakness of television today? What can media literate consumers do about it? What is the major strength of television today?

200 words.

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Reference no: EM13299673

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