Major limitation of observational data collection technique

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1. What is one major limitation of observational data collection technique? When you respond, please give an example of such observational data collection tool.

2. What is one major advantage of observation over other types of data collection? When you respond, please give an example of such observation data collection technique.

3. Lets continue to discuss the product adaptation in foreign markets! American fast food, music, and movies have become popular around the world with little product adaptation. However, U.S. retailers, banks, and beer companies have had to adapt their products more to global markets. Why? Explain your position and provide facts

Reference no: EM132233829

What aspect of strategy formulation

What aspect of strategy formulation do you think requires the most time? Why? Remember to cite your sources with in-text citations and include the source in your references.

Unemployment compensation insurance on the instructors

You have been hired as the new assistant manager of a U.S. flying school. The first day on the job, you learn that the school considers all of its flight instructors to be ind

Myriad of extracurricular activities in order to be admitted

Admission to the prestigious school had become so competitive that a high GPA is no longer enough to separate one fresh-faced high school student from another. Today's outstan

Results of adverse selection on the market

Explain the likely role and results of adverse selection on the market for MBS if buyers cannot tell whether the seller is selling a MBS because of a sudden need for liquidity

Supplier selection is now global concern

Supplier selection is now a global concern, with competition coming from countries all over the world. Circumstances like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis have a negative

Service time follows an exponential distribution

A fast food restaurant currently has 2 cashiers. Upon arrival, customers form a single line and place their food order at the next available register. Assume that customers ar

What could happen if you use one of the other structures

If you started your own company selling iPhone applications, what organizational structure would you create? Why does this one give you the best chance for success? What could

Contrast the similarities and differences between societies

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the societies in relation to the topic you chose-for example, standard of living, education, or employment oppo


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