Major function of the thalamus

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Question: The thalamus is a brain structure that constantly recieves incoming (afferent) visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, thermal, and nociceptive sensory data at any given instant. the thalamuls has efferent connection with area of the cerebral cortex that allow concious awareness, but are we aware of all the sensations at any given moment? Explain the major function of the thalamus and to explain how this function is achieved at the level of neurons.

Reference no: EM1389850

Produce a differential diagnosis

From your research of the history and examination (not the investigation results), produce a differential diagnosis (list of possible causes) of at least two common diseases

For each process of cellular respiration

For each process of cellular respiration - Glycolysis, Fermentation, Pyruvate oxidation, Citric acid cycle, Electron Transport, Oxidative phosphorylation which  product(s) of

Challenges of a resilience-based

Taquechel, Eric. (2013). Options and challenges of a resilience-based, network-focused Port Security Grant Program. Journal Of Homeland Security & Emergency Management 10, n

Discuss the risk for unborn child for infection with varicel

1) Discuss the risk for unborn child for infection with varicella. 2) Discuss prevention and treatment strategies that can be used to prevent varicella infection in each of t

Symbiosis interspecific interactions

Understanding types of symbiosis Interspecific interactions can be categorized by whether each species in the interaction benefits, is harmed, or is neither helped nor harmed.

Prepare a dopamine drip for the cat

You also want the cat to receive the drip for at least 48 hours so you need to prepare 250 ml of the dopamine drip. How much dopamine do you need to add from a stock concent

Which other adaptations allowed icefish blood to carry

Which other adaptations allowed icefish blood to carry sufficient O2 to the tissues, despite loss of RBCs? (NOTE: check all that apply) larger gills larger hearts scaleless

Identify a microbial-related skin disease

What are its symptoms and how can it can be diagnosed? How can the infection or disease be prevented? What makes this infection or disease different from others you have stu


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