Major factor in the customer''sperception of quality

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The manufacturer of "Boston" and "Vermont asphalt shinglesknow the product weight is a major factor in the customer'sperception of quality. The last stage of the assembly linepackages the shingles before they are placed on woodenpallet. Once the pallet is full (a pallet for most of brandsholds 16 squares of shingles) it is weight and themeasurement is recorded. The data contains the weight (in pounds)from a sample of 368 pallets of boston shingles and 330pallets of vermont shingles.

a. For a boston shingles, construct a 95% confidence intervalestimate of the mean weight.

b.For the vermont shingles, construct a 95% confidenceinterval estimate of the mean weight.

c. Evaluate whether the assumption needed for a and b has beenseriously violated.

Reference no: EM13338059

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