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Steven Monahan owns SME Ads Inc., an advertising agency. At present, the company focuses on advertising only. However, Steven plans to expand the company's focus to include all the major elements of an organization's promotional mix. Steven feels that expanding the focus in such a way will allow the firm to meet customer needs in a more coordinated fashion. Currently, the firm organizes its work according to the media being used. Steven believes this is the most effective way to subdivide advertising. Since television is the most widely used advertising medium, the company spends most of its time on television advertising. SME knows what it takes to get the job done, and it is committed to success.

Refer to SME Ads Inc. As Steven plans to expand the company's focus to other major elements of the promotion mix, which of the following should he focus on if he wants to help his clients create and maintain favorable relationships between them and their various internal and external groups?

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