Major economic challenges facing our society today

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1. Choose one of the network flow models discussed in this chapter. Describe a situation in which this model could be used. What quantities would be represented by the arcs? What quantities would be represented by the nodes?

2. What do you see as the major economic challenges facing our society today and, in particular, your generation?

3. In the context of leadership for the contemporary organisations, write 250 words to talk about the "Values, Principles and Conflict" by answering the following questions:

Why might it be important to know the values and principles of leaders within your organisation? If you had to prioritise your values to create a list of five, how would you determine them? and what advice would you give someone who feels that his or her values conflict with a direct supervisor or an employee?

Reference no: EM132184557

Based on the effective interest rates

UCB pays an annualized 7% interest annually and BoA pays an annualized 6% interest compounded quarterly; based on the effective interest rates, in which bank would you prefer

Marketing campaign concept

Briefly describe the marketing campaign for the product or service. What approach and strategy are you proposing for the campaign? What is your proposed promotion mix, and whi

Organizations tend to dominate our commercial activities

In today’s business world in the United States, four alternate forms of business organizations tend to dominate our commercial activities: Sole Proprietorship (DBA); General P

Assembling machinery and evaluating quality

Suppose that an employee has two tasks to perform—assembling machinery and evaluating quality. Suppose that the supervisor can only observe how many machines have been assembl

Different problems from a cultural perspective

What role does culture play on managers in global situations. For example, a US firm in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore or Germany would all face different problems from

Question about safety assessment report

A comprehensive safety assessment report contains both testing and hazard analysis. What types of safety testing would be performed on commercial aircraft to identify any desi

Governmental agency and how it impacts ethical compliance

Focus on a governmental agency and how it impacts ethical compliance. Discuss the agencies purpose and what you believe it is doing to combat unethical business practices. If

Explain which manager did a better job of managing down

What kind of follower was Adam Gerrit. In general, what characteristics of followers do you admire? What characteristics would you want them to display when working for you


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