Major determinant of allele frequencies

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In a population of plants in which sexual reproduction occurs and is not random, will genetic drift be the major determinant of allele frequencies in the population over time? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132279932

Describe mendel law of segregation

Explain how Mendel's scientific approach enabled his genetic experiments to be successful and describe Mendel's law of segregation and explain its' mechanism based on molecula

Identify common minerals

Dsome of the physical properties that provide a reliable means to identify common minerals. Also, discuss how certain properties can exhibit a range of characteristics or va

Discuss the social media sites you are familiar with

Complete the Option 2 Assignment that follows. Your responses to the questions below should be composed in complete sentences. Your Option 2 response should be a minimum of 30

Where on the mrna does the microrna

Where on the mRNA does the microRNA/RISC complex bind (i.e., coding region, 5' untranslated region, 3' untranslated region) and how often does it typically bind to that mRNA

Change in allele frequencies

What five characteristics must a population have to never have a change in allele frequencies? Would the bottleneck effect that removes 25% of individuals have a greater impac

Imagine you were to construct a synthetic rna

Suppose you were to construct a synthetic RNA from a repeating dinucleotide AGAGAGAGAG and then use it as a messenger to synthesize a polypeptide in an invito system. What k

What is the function of the objective lens

Working Distance of the objective lenses is the distance between the tip of that objective and the speciment being viewed. Based on these information, which objective lenses

Explain what occurs in a myocardial infarction

Why is the first Rh-positive baby born to an Rh-negative mother usually unaffected. Explain what occurs in a myocardial infarction. Explain how right-sided heart failure is us


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