Major contributor to climate change

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In 3 pages, using APA-style formatting, discuss and give your position on the following statement: "Human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is a major contributor to climate change". Do you agree or disagree?

Support your views with credible data. This is an area where junk science abounds. Be prepared to give and defend your sources as scientifically trustworthy.

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Reference no: EM13724088

Racism-sexism and social change

During this module, we saw how powerful race and gender are in defining our identities.  Despite advances towards equality, racism and sexism continue to exist in our societ

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How do classical conditioning procedures differ from operant conditioning procedures? How are they similar? In your opinion, which learning process is more effective? Why?

Discussion on idea of morality

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Watching the documentaries how how important sound is in movies, performances, and the creative arts world in general was really interesting. Do you agree that sound effects

How does the event relate to issues addressed in class

How does the event relate to issues addressed in class? How might similar situations be mitigated? What is the broader impact of the event (e.g., nationally, globally, etc.)

What degree is hamlet merely acting mad

Is Hamlet's procrastination in seeking revenge for the murder of his father reasonable? Refer to specific scenes in the play when answering this question. Young Fortinbras a


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